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“The Steve Wilkos Show” Guests & Previews for the Week of February 27 2023

Guests and more on this week’s (February 27, 2023) all-new episodes of “The Steve Wilkos Show”

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Check out this week’s Steve Wilkos show guests below.

  • Monday, February 27: Tykera says her family wasn’t supportive when she revealed that she was being sexually abused; when Matthew was a teenager, he was charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct after a night of partying and drinking.
  • Tuesday, February 28: Marcus has concerns that the little girl he thinks is his daughter might not be; before Tiffany’s mother passed away, she told her that she had a sister who was adopted out as in infant, and to find her.
  • Wednesday, March 1: Cheryl has called CPS on her son Jeffrey and his wife, Renee, multiple times, convinced that they are sexually and physically abusing her grandson.
  • Thursday, March 2: When Jon and his fiancee, Kayla, argue about cheating, things turn violent; Darlissa says she is tired of her boyfriend controlling every aspect of her life..
  • Friday, March 3: Aretha and Eddie’s 2-year-old was in severe pain but wasn’t taken to the hospital for several days, and when it was discovered that he had a fractured leg, authorities took their kids; doctors don’t believe Sarah’s story of how her baby was injured.

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