Triple H Must Take Control Of NXT Again

Jordan Turner

Hey, what’s happening everybody, it’s The Wrestling Takeover host Jordan T. I’m back with another opinion piece. Today’s article pertains to the news story that is going around pertaining to Triple H saying ”he’s back” when he appeared at The Performance Center this week. Everybody is now speculating what he […]

Vince McMahon Must Step Down As Head Of Creative

Jordan Turner

It’s The Wrestling Takeover host Jordan Turner as I’m back again with another opinion piece. Today, it concerns the breaking news of Vince McMahon taking a leave of absence following the allegations surrounding him. News broke this morning via Twitter that Stephanie McMahon will be the appointed ”new CEO of […]

Cody Rhodes Accomplishing His Prophecy at WrestleMania 39

Jordan Turner

It’s The Wrestling Takeover host Jordan Turner here with another opinion piece about my fantasy booking of Cody Rhodes and his road towards WrestleMania 39 in SoFi Stadium in 2023. This story will be an underdog story that ends happily, so stay tuned. WWE should be aware that this Cody […]

Better Call Saul Season Six Spoiler-Free Midseason Review


Spoiler-Free Thoughts on the Better Call Saul Finale Season so far… This is an adult show. At times it has the craziness and violence that you would expect but it is more naunced and delicate than its parent series. Yes, Better Call Saul is essentially a prequel series to Breaking […]